[MBC Documentary ㅡ when Teuk cooked for the members] (1)

  • Sungmin:(while Leeteuk was cooking) What are you doing now?
  • Leeteuk:I'm starving.
  • Sungmin:I haven't seen you cook in about 10 years, so I got startled.
  • Leeteuk:I'm good at cooking! Can you cook spaghetti?
  • Sungmin:Of course!
  • Leeteuk:Then how do you put the noodles in the pot?
  • Sungmin:(gestures) You should put it in like a fan!
  • Leeteuk:It's important that the noodles don't stick together
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[MBC Documentary ㅡ when Teuk cooked for the members] (2)

  • Leeteuk:The managers and I have talked about Sungmin. You are getting better, you are becoming like a tricky uncle that is coming of age. I really like it.
  • Sungmin:Me?
  • Leeteuk:Yes.
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how nice of sungmin to save siwon from the embarrassment of being rejected by hyukjae (4:25)

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their height difference is truly ♥

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우리는 슈퍼주니-어에요!

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Ryeowook’s Popcorn

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